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(when I'm not underground)...

Havin' fun at Yellowstone National Park.
Geysers make me laugh.

That's me, climbing out the eighty-foot entrance
pitch of Bighorn Cavern, Montana...
 Gotta get to class!

Pondering eolian processes on the
Oregon coast during a field trip.

About Me:

I'm a professor of geology, specializing in hydrogeology and sedimentology, and have been here since 1984.  I have also taken on the task of the Director of the Environmental Science Program at EWU.

A recent faculty profile was published about me and my work in the Perspective, a publication distributed to alumni and friends of Eastern Washington University. When I'm not out in the field you can probably find me in my office in the Science Building (room 120), generally being excited about all things geological.  I'm mostly interested in applied physical hydrogeology, clastic sedimentology and alluvial stratigraphy, and speleology.  I'm also a registered geologist and hydrogeologist in Washington state, and engage in a wide variety of consulting projects outside the university.

What's Here:

As this page evolves and expands, I'll go into more detail about my research interests and projects that my graduate students are working on. I'll also post my course syllabi and more course-related materials in the future. This is what's available right now:

Course-Related Stuff

Research Stuff

Miscellaneous Stuff

Contact Me

You can send e-mail to me at: jbuchanan"at"ewu.edu
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